• Who Are We

    Who Are We

What to Expect

At B3 Church, we work really hard to create a warm, life-giving environment that your entire family will love. You can expect a service with great music, fun videos, and a message from one of our pastors. The only thing we will ask of you is simple – be yourself.

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Our Mission

To Build Better Believers & to get people to
know God and make Him know.

DNA of B3


We all are products of God’s continuous grace.


We will lead the way in generous giving to our city, our church and our families. We believe generosity is the fruit of gratitude and it’s more blessed to give than to receive.


We believe no one should do life alone.


Everything is for God. We will embrace our limitations and strive to honor God. We will work to inspire those we influence by bringing our best.


We will be held with integrity, Financial, relational, biblical and practical integrity will be paramount to our progress.


We love God with all our heart, mind and soul. We love our neighbors as we love ourselves.


We will let our actions rise above our excuses.


We lead not to our own understanding but in all our ways we acknowledge Him.

Why Another Church


Young adults (18-22 years of age) are dropping out of church for at least a year.


Open their doors before 2020. Yet, 48,000 additional churches will be needed to keep population growth.


Churches in America and 80% are either plateauing or declinging.


million unchurched people in U.S.


children grow in a single family home

1 in 3

marriages end in divorce

1 of 4

largest unchurched nations in the world

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